Is there a queue? 

No, we don't use a queueing system unlike other websites. Just get in touch with those that rent out housing and see if it's available.

How do I show interest for an apartment? 

It's up to you to contact the tenant/landlord if you find housing that looks interesting. If they find you interesting in return they will write a response. You don't have to register yourself on our website to make contact. 

How do I publish an ad? 

When you enter our webpage click on "Place an ad".  Fill in all the information requested. When you have pressed send, your ad will be reviewed and if the terms are fulfilled it will be published. If that is not the case, you will get an email with information about what you have to change to fulfill the criteria’s.


What can Gävle municipality help with?

Gävle municipalitie can help mediate contacts between students and tenants/landlords. We provide advice for those who are seeking housing.

Here you can find contact information to us: http://www.gavle.se/Kontakt 


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